Airway Ortho for Sleep Apnea

Breathing easily and fully is one of the basic pleasures of being alive. Yet, today many children, adolescents, and adults suffer from Sleeping Breathing Disorder (SBD) including Pediatric Sleep Apnea (PSA) and Adult Sleep Apnea (ASA). At Van Vliet Orthodontics we diagnose, educate, and treat these patients.

Early Airway Orthodontics

Today many of our children suffer from Sleep Breathing Disorder (SBD) including Pediatric Sleep Apnea (PSA). If left untreated, these ailments can have a profound effect on the growth and development as well as the overall health of a growing child.

Recent medical studies have shown a high correlation of Sleep Breathing Disorders to Abnormal Dentofacial Development in children and adolescents. Failure to treat these conditions can contribute to childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes, behavior disorders (ADD, ADHD), growth problems, and even cardiovascular disease.

However, at Van Vliet Orthodontics we have created an Early Airway Orthodontic Program to evaluate and if necessary, treat airway orthodontic problems. An early comprehensive examination, sleep questionnaire, and medical history, as well as a low dose 3D I-CAT scan are the diagnostic screening tools for this program. A referral to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Specialist or Pediatric Sleep Medicine Pulmonologist may be made for further coordinated diagnosis and treatment.

Below are pictures of a patient treated at Van Vliet Early Airway Orthodontic Treatment Center. Although the immediate results are extremely impressive, the long-term benefits are truly life changing.

Adult Sleep Apnea

In the United States more than 18 million adults have Sleep Apnea with 85% suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Untreated OSA can create serious medical risks including stroke, heart attack, obesity, and diabetes. The orthodontic intervention of many of these patients has been shown to improve and sometimes eliminate these risks.

Below are pictures of an OSA patient that benefitted from the life changing effects of orthodontic treatment at Van Vliet Orthodontics.